boom Embedded IoT Monitoring


Monitor Anything Anywhere



  • Integrated: Combine and harmonize monitoring parameters in machinery with your IT service management infrastructure.
  • Holistic: Detect individual condition changes worldwide to identify and prevent problems in both, production and IT environments.
  • Leveraged: Protect your existing investments in your IT service management infrastructure.
  • Get Ready: Prepare yourself for the Industrial Internet of Things with semantic modelling and vendor-independent integration.

Merge Condition Monitoring and IT Monitoring

boom Embedded IoT Monitoring (boom EM) integrates the monitoring of condition parameters in machinery into the IT Service Management infrastructure. The connection of sensor networks, IoT edge devices and enterprise IT monitoring enables companies to monitor their production and IT environments with a holistic and flexible approach. boom EM is a complete solution for companies which are operating various plants at different locations and want to install their resources better to increase Service Level Agreements (SLA).

The boom EM agent is able to run on tiny embedded systems (e.g. Raspberry PI) which can be equipped with sensors for voltage, humidity, water level, pressure, or others. MQTT enabled devices can directly be connected to boom. The collected information is consolidated with traditional IT monitoring data for history analysis as well as it is used for threshold monitoring and alerting. boom EM enables and offers a single pane of glass for service, IT, network and production health status and monitoring. It uses all boom enterprise grade capabilities like highly optimized communication and security concepts to make IT monitoring as easy as possible.

Detect Changes and Prevent Problems

The boom EM agent can integrate the monitoring of a broad range of event sources. It combines classical end-to-end IT monitoring capabilities with the monitoring of device and machines, where it is important to determine the condition of machinery while in operation. The boom EM agent is able to monitor the country specific voltage level, detect spikes, power sag or surge. All information is available for reporting or further processing. It can even help organizations to calculate and evaluate their power consumption to reduce operating costs.

Leverage Investments in ITSM Infrastructure

boom EM enables your existing IT-Monitoring solutions (e.g. HP Operations Manager or boom) to do condition monitoring (CM). Various parameters can be monitored within the IT monitoring system in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault. boom EM manages the desired state of a production environment or data center - defined by immediate measures and by calculated values. Fully integrated into an IT monitoring solution boom EM informs you in the message browser about the machinery status helping you to protect your investment in your infrastructure by monitoring almost any machinery.

Intelligent Agents Monitor Production Sites

The leading-edge agent technology which runs on the boom EM agent can simulate the behavior of a human operator who acts according to the IT operations manual. The agent operates intelligent and autonomous based on monitored conditions. In case of an abnormal situation, the boom EM agent can notify both, the local maintenance crew and/or the centralized control room. Superfluous delays can be avoided especially in emergency situations.

The boom EM agent is able to work autonomous. By default, embedded systems consume very little energy. A small battery is enough to ensure that the agent can work independent of line voltage. In addition, there are various alert modes which can be enabled together or separately. If the monitored condition reaches a critical level, the agent will send a notification via the default alert channel or via GSM in escalation mode. This helps companies to decrease their response time and to increase their uninterrupted operation.


  • Event sources:
    Combines end-to-end IT monitoring capabilities with the monitoring of devices and machines while these are in operation, and supports a broad range of event sources.
  • Processing data:
    The collected information is consolidated with traditional IT monitoring data.
  • Sensors:
    Record parameters such as voltage, humidity, water level, pressure, vibration, temperature, or others.
  • IoT edge devices:
    Monitor and collect data from IoT devices with standard IoT protocols like MQTT and others.
  • User-role model:
    Fully flexible filter-based user roles like node groups, message groups, granular rights concept for product areas.
  • Profile based monitoring:
    Define specific monitoring parameters for each site and country.
  • Integrated:
    Integration of facility and machine monitoring systems, using boom as an umbrella system.
  • Pro-active:
    Prevents problems as early as possible.
  • Optimizes operation:
    Reduces number of failures and repairs, of machine downtime and revenue losses while increasing plant safety, availability of machines and quality of processes.


boom EM is a stand-alone product.


As one of 5,000 submissions boom EM is listed as Best Of INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2014 (Innovation Award IT 2014). The official certificate can be downloaded here (Only available in German). For more information about the award please click on the image below.