MIDAS Configurator

Collaborate to Improve Productivity


  • Access multiple HPOM servers from a single interface:
    Centralized control and comparison across multiple servers.
  • Documentation generation:
    Automatic generation of documentation from configuration data.
  • Full version control:
    Recoverable object, file, policy and configuration versioning.
  • Full text search:
    Find information quickly within your configuration data.
  • Parallel access for multiple administrators:
    User role model with named users (admin rights) resolves a major bottleneck on HPOM.
  • Advanced editing:
    Browse and edit configurations and instrumentation files.
  • Advanced auditing:
    View what changes have been made on an object.
  • Web-based GUI:
    Simple access with no client installation requirements.
  • Full access to all HPOM configuration:
    All HPOM administrative actions can now be performed directly in the GUI, no root level OS access is required avoiding the associated security issues.
  • HPOM 9 migration report:
    Detailed information about the transformations that will occur by migration from HPOM 8 to HPOM 9, including descriptions of the changes and potential side effects.
  • Locate function:
    Use a SQL-like query to locate objects in the HPOM database.


MIDAS Configurator is an add-on product to HP Operations Manager (HPOM).
MIDAS Configurator is one of two core products of the MIDAS Product Family.
On all supported HPOM platforms, MIDAS Configurator can be combined with any add-on of the MIDAS Product Familiy.