MIDAS Administrator

Process-Oriented Workflow


  • Excel2Policy:
    Round-trip engineering – go from a HPOM configuration to Excel and back again. Create Excel-based documentation of your current monitoring. Modifications can be made directly in the Excel sheets and these can then be re-imported into HPOM.
  • Packaging concept:
    Create manageable blocks of monitoring configurations related to a single application or specific service.
  • Release-to-production:
    Create a controlled, replicatable process for moving monitoring from a development environment to a production environment.
  • Desired state verification:
    Verify that the correct versions of the policies are deployed to the agent.
  • Deployment monitoring:
    Manage the full life-cycle of your monitoring solutions. View, cancel or restart tasks.


MIDAS Administrator is an add-on to HP Operations Manager (HPOM).
MIDAS Administrator is one of two core products of the MIDAS Product Family. On all supported HPOM platforms, MIDAS Administrator can be combined with any add-on of the MIDAS Product Familiy.