MIDAS Synchronizer

Manage Replication Across Multiple HPOM Servers


  • Near-time replication:
    All changes are replicated within the MIDAS communication bus and changes occur immediately on all servers.
  • Guaranteed delivery and sequencing of configuration changes:
    If a server is temporarily unavailable, changes are buffered and transferred as soon as the server is online again.
  • Efficient communication:
    Only the changes are communicated between the servers. This generates no extra load on the source or target servers.
  • Support of server pooling and hot and cold standby servers:
    With the support for different multi-server setups, you have architectural flexibility – now and in the future.
  • Familiar GUI:
    Synchronization is completely transparent to the user – it happens automatically in the background.
  • Product-based solution:
    All functionalities to delete maintenance-related self-developed scripts are available.


MIDAS Synchronizer is an add-on to MIDAS Configurator and MIDAS Administrator.
MIDAS Synchronizer can be installed either with the standard MIDAS installer as a selectable option or easily added to an existing installation.
MIDAS Synchronizer can be combined with any other add-on of the MIDAS Product Family.