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See the advantages with your own eyes

Have you ever been able to compare HPOM Administration UI and MIDAS? Or have you had the opportunity to see the advantages of using MIDAS Product Familiy at one glance? Find out what the next dimension of IT monitoring can be when using MIDAS. 

Blue Elephant Systems produces online video tutorials which explain how to enhance and simplify the administration and configuration of HP Operations Manager (HPOM) by using MIDAS Product Familiy.

For example, have a look at the collaboration features of MIDAS Configurator. Or see how MIDAS Administrator enables process-oriented workflows and how MIDAS Outage Manager simplifies the usage and management of outages to make your HPOM administration much more efficient.

We will continue to give you the full MIDAS experience by constantly adding interesting and new video tutorials. Subscribe to our YouTube-Channel today and stay up-to-date.

Elevate your IT Management

Description: HPOM is not enough ...
Duration: 1:00 min
Tags: MIDAS Product Familiy, IT Management, IT Monitoring, Blue Elephant Systems, HP OMU, HP AdminUI
Size: 16,6 MB
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MIDAS Product Familiy Introduction

Description: Simplifying HPOM 9 configuration
Duration: 3:56 min
Tags: MIDAS Product Familiy, MIDAS Configurator, MIDAS Administrator, HPOM OM9 administration, HP Operations Manager, MIDAS Admin UI, HP Admin UI, Software Tutorial, Bull
Size: 8,1 MB
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MIDAS Configurator Introduction

Description: HP OMU configuration made easy
Duration: 4:57 min
Tags: MIDAS Configurator, HP OMU, HPOM OM ยด9, HP Operations Manager, Admin UI, HP Admin UI, Software Tutorial, Blue Elephant Systems
Size: 18,1 MB
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MIDAS Outage Manager Introduction

Description: HPOM outage configuration made easy
Duration: 4:21 min
Tags: HP Openview, HP OM, HP Operations Manager, Outages, MIDAS Tutorial, Outage Manager, HPOM OM9, Admin UI, HP Admin UI, Blue Elephant Systems
Size: 15,1 MB
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MIDAS Package and Release Management

Description: HP OMU Configuration Life Cycle Management
Duration: 4:58 min
Tags: HP Openview, HP OMU, HP Operations Manager, Configuration Management, Configuration Life Cycle, Compliance, Release Management, MIDAS Tutorial, HPOM, OM9, Admin UI, HP Admin UI, Blue Elephant Systems
Size: 14,1 MB
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