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Here we publish the latest information: about our stand-alone enterprise monitoring solution boom as well as about the MIDAS Product Family.

MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring and the Internet of Things

MIDAS boom EM considers "Smart Management" and "Smart Monitoring" for IT management platforms

Blue Elephant Systems is a well positioned specialist for software development in the field of IT operational safety. The new product "MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring" is now ready. The software is one of the very first IT management platforms, which aims to meet the requirements of "Smart Management" and "Smart Monitoring" which are necessary for the "Internet of Things" and Industrie 4.0.

The use of more and more IT systems and the "Internet of Things" turns the industrial production inside out: What once was controlled mechanically or by local computers is supposed to be monitored and controlled from any location in the future.

Blue Elephant Systems is specialized in developing software in the field of IT operational safety. In this league, the new system "MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring" is now playing. It combines end-to-end capabilities of the IT monitoring with condition monitoring to keep the state of the machine constantly in view. Sensors detect, for example, the parameters voltage, humidity, water level and pressure.

It's not a matter of convincing potential users about the benefits of the fourth industrial revolution. But the process must not be too complex, so that they remain manageable. Critical success factors towards Industrie 4.0 are mainly the "Smart Management" and the "Smart Monitoring" - especially as IT infrastructures such as cloud computing finds its way more and more into the manufacturing industry.

MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring is one of the very first IT management platforms, which aims to meet the requirements of "Smart Management" and "Smart Monitoring". The system offers:

  • a holistic monitoring from the application to the sensor, from SAP to OPC-UA.
  • a flexible monitoring and thus a dynamic adaptation to structural and functional changes.
  • a scalable monitoring of many "Smart Objects". These may be devices, appliances and machines, together with the applications, servers and services of IT.
  • a ubiquitous monitoring along the process chains in production as in IT.
  • a lean monitoring by and with the help of "cyber-physical systems" and "embedded systems".

Here you will find more information about MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring.

Information about the presse release is available here (German only).