Are you not sure about the meaning of a technical term? Here you will find a list of terms and expressions used in IT monitoring and the MIDAS Product Familiy and their definitions.

Admin UI

Abbreviation for HPOM Administration User Interface.


HPOM software component running on the managed nodes/systems which are monitored. The agent processes collect and process events on these managed nodes, and forward information in the form of messages to the management (MIDAS Backend) server.


See MIDAS Backend Server.


Graphical User Interface. The user interface of a software.


HP Operations Manager, Version 9 of the systems management tool. Formerly known as HP Operations Center/HP OpC (Version 1/2), HP IT Operations/HP ITO (V3-5), HP Vantage Point Operations/HP VPO (V6) and HP OpenView Operations/HP OVO (V7/8).

HPOM Administration UI

Administration user interface delivered with HP OMU 9 and HP OML 9. It is based on MIDAS technology and includes all functions previously available in the Motif GUI (HP OMU 8) plus many new functions.

HPOM Server

Main HPOM server, which communicates with the agents and responds with actions to prevent or correct problems on the managed nodes.


Management Instrumentation, Documentation and Automation System. See MIDAS Product Familiy.

MIDAS Backend Server

Processes the collected data, converts them into XML and makes them available on the MIDAS Web Application Server.

MIDAS Product Family

The MIDAS Product Family is the main product. It is an add-on to the systems management tool HPOM and provides functionalities to support IT administrators and application managers. The MIDAS Product Family consists of nine complimentary software products: two Core UI products and seven Add-ons.

MIDAS Structure

Consists of three parts: Agent – MIDAS Backend/HPOM Server – WebApp.

Motif GUI

User interface for HP OMU 8. Replaced by HPOM Administration UI.


A system in a network, which receives and/or sents data.


Configuration rule. Defines the conditions under which issues are recognized as such by the agents. Incoming issues are processed by the HPOM Server and forwarded as messages.


Any kind of electronic and data-processing computer.


User Interface. See GUI.


MIDAS Web Application Server. Web-based user interface, which enables users to use a standard server as the frontend to access MIDAS and HPOM.