MIDAS Outage Manager

Scheduled Outage Self-Service Management


  • Self-service:
    Delegate the responsibility for outages to the service or application owners, allowing them to create outages and to bring nodes or services back online – all from within a plain and simple web-based interface.
  • Administrator vs. operator roles:
    The HPOM configuration requires a clear separation of tasks. The administrator always has full access but an operator or application owner only uses a simple interface for his tasks without seeing the implementation details.
  • Flexible configuration:
    You can configure the outages based on the full functionality available in HPOM based on what suits your environment best.
  • Create service hierarchies:
    Define service dependencies and interactions between the hierarchies.
  • Simple configuration of time-based outages:
    Select the node from the service and define when the outage should start and end at an estimated time. All outage rules are generated automatically.
  • Reporting:
    Get a quick overview of which services on which nodes are offline. Generate automatic reports which can be emailed to service owners, administrators and managers.
  • Alerting:
    Receive notifications when an outage either extends beyond its estimated end-time or when predefined alerting points are crossed.
  • External interface:
    Integrate and manage outages from external tools with a simple external interface.
  • User role model:
    Define exactly which users can view and modify which services.


MIDAS Outage Manager is an add-on to MIDAS Configurator and MIDAS Administrator.
MIDAS Outage Manager can be installed with the standard MIDAS installer as a selectable option or easily added to an existing installation.
MIDAS Outage Manager can be combined with any other add-on of the MIDAS Product Family.