MIDAS Debugger

Quality Assurance for HPOM Policies


  • Quality: Enables policy testing beyond pattern matching within HPOM to improve policies.
  • Security: Tests the complete agent-server process according to company compliance without security risks.
  • Simple: An integrated development and testing environment reduces tools, actions and effort.
  • Replicatable: Turns a complex task into an easy task all within a single window giving you full policy control.

Complex Testing Made Simple

Elements like complex patterns within conditions, suppression intervals, variable substitutions or message grouping have made policies within HP Operations Manager (HPOM) highly complex and policy testing an absolute necessity. However the time required to do thorough testing is usually not available, causing the quality to be compromised.

MIDAS Debugger simplifies the process of testing and the subsequent modification of the policy. It turns a highly complex task into a simple and replicatable task and performs the required steps all within one window.

User Interface

MIDAS Debugger is integrated directly into the standard MIDAS interface. It uses the latest web technologies to provide a clean and responsive interface. You get a maximum of effective policy testing while investing less effort.

HPOM vs. MIDAS Debugger

Pattern matching testing is available in the Motif GUI (HPOM 8) and in the Admin UI (HPOM 9). This functionality can be used to test the patterns of either individual conditions or of an entire policy.

However, this standard HPOM function is limited to log file policies. Only the text field within the condition and no other fields are considered when testing.

In the case of the log file policy, which does not include any further match fields, this is not a big problem. But in other policy types, this is a severe drawback because the results of the pattern matching test do not correctly reflect the actual messages generated from a policy once is has been deployed to the agent.