MIDAS Debugger

Quality Assurance for HPOM Policies


  • One-click deployment:
    By simply switching to the debugger within the policy editor, you trigger the assignment and deployment of the policy in its current state to the selected test agent.
  • Remote control of test data:
    The test data is controlled directly from the MIDAS Debugger GUI – no console level access to the agent is required. The test data is displayed to the user and modifications can be made directly to the data and all changes are automatically transferred to the agent.
  • Integrated message browser:
    MIDAS Debugger includes direct access to the messages generated from the actual test run. A specialized HTML-based message browser is embedded into the policy editor to access the resulting messages.
  • Test with real messages:
    MIDAS Debugger goes beyond simple pattern testing. Policies deployed to the HPOM agent are triggered to generate HPOM messages and the complete agent-server communication infrastructure including duplicate suppression, correlations, regrouping etc. is reflected in the results.
  • Policy type support:
    Support for policy types initially focus on the log file and message interceptor policies.


MIDAS Debugger is an add-on to MIDAS Configurator and MIDAS Administrator.
MIDAS Debugger can be installed with the standard MIDAS installer as a selectable option or easily added to an existing installation.
MIDAS Debugger can be combined with any other add-on of the MIDAS Product Family.