API Toolkit

Scripting Toolkit


  • Savings: Extend your API access by supporting more programming languages.
  • Automation: Schedule and delegate tasks and workflows in HPOM to reduce administrative workload.
  • Simplified: Eliminate compiler and platform dependency by using scripts.
  • Productivity: Increase task implementation by using standard Perl modules, which are part of the API Toolkit.

Automate Tasks

Would you like to automate functionalities of the HPOM administration? Would you like to access the HPOM APIs with various additional languages which are beyond the native HPOM capabilities, like C++, Perl and Java? The free API Toolkit extends your ability to access, use and automate HPOM servers to manage their workflow. You only need to register your API Toolkit to get a license.

The API Toolkit allows you to easily and rapidly create tools to automatically implement typical HPOM tasks like the following:

  • Reporting and housekeeping:
    For example, finding all the nodes with a certain IP address range, which have heartbeat-polling disabled, then enabling the polling and sending a completion message.
  • Operator utilities:
    For example, forced disowning of messages for non-admin users while generating a corresponding annotation.
  • Complex or multi-step tasks:
    For example adding a node, moving it to a layout group, assigning it to node groups, deploying policies, etc.
  • Integrate external products:
    For example helpdesk, trouble ticket or notification systems (with much more flexibility and less maintenance effort) or to generate reports or HTML views.