From consulting to software

  • 2000
    A preform of the later company starts
    Headquarter in Herrenberg, Germany
  • 2001
    Blue Elephant Systems GmbH (LLC) founded
    Service revenue finances software development until 2003
  • 2003
    MIDAS 1.0
    New headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2004
    MIDAS 2.0
    Launch of: MIDAS Documentor
  • 2005
    Launch of: API Toolkit
    Winner main award of the German Mittelstandsprogramm
    Founded headquarters US in Tuscaloosa, AL, U.S.A.
  • 2006
    MIDAS 3.0
    Launch of: MIDAS Configurator
    First OEM contract with HP (Configuration Value Pack)
  • 2007
    MIDAS 3.1
    Launch of: MIDAS Administrator
    Software revenue exceeds service revenue
  • 2009
    MIDAS 4.0
    Launch of: MIDAS Editor, MIDAS Inventory
    HP licences MIDAS technology as HPOM Administration UI 9.0
  • 2010
    MIDAS 4.2
    Launch of: MIDAS Synchronizer, MIDAS Debugger, MIDAS Service Builder
    Launch of: HPOM Administration UI 9.1
  • 2011
    MIDAS 4.4
    Launch of: MIDAS Outage Manager
  • 2012
    New headquarter in Stuttgart, Germany
    Headquarters US in Tuscaloosa changes into Blue Elephant Systems Inc.
  • 2013
    MIDAS 4.5, MIDAS 4.6, MIDAS 4.7
    Launch of: MIDAS boom, MIDAS Operational Value Pack (MIDAS OVP), MySQL SPI for HPOM, MIDAS Analyzer
  • 2014
    MIDAS 4.8, MIDAS 4.9
    Lauch of MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring
    Presenting MOSCITO and MIDAS Supervisor
    Rebranding of MIDAS boom to boom, of MIDAS boom Embedded Monitoring to boom Embedded Monitoring
  • 2015
    The Blue Elephant Systems technologies are integrated into the Atos portfolio for Big Data and Security
  • 2016
    MIDAS 4.10 with Bull branding
  • 2017
    MIDAS 4.11 with Worldline Germany GmbH branding
  • 2018
    MIDAS 4.12 with Worldline Germany GmbH branding