Website FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a quick answer to a question regarding the use and behavior of this website? Here you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding this website's functionality.

Why can I see some files listed in the dowload area but there is no link to start the download?

Some download files are available for all website visitors (brochures, manuals), and some are only accessible by registered users (installation files, patches, hotfixes). You have to log-in to have full access to all download files. If you are not registered yet, please register and then log-in to activate the download links for download files with restricted access.

I have selected English language (EN) but still see German text - why?

Nearly all text on Blue Elephant Systems website is available in English. In the rare case some content is not available in English, the appropriate German text will be displayed, while the website still remembers you have selected English for further navigation. The same applies vice versa if you select German language.