Monitor MySQL within HPOM


  • Availability: Increase productivity by adding pro-active monitoring, real-time alerting and immediate intervention.
  • Performance: Generate recommendations and proposals to resolve problems and to optimize the performance quickly.
  • Consolidation: Integrate MySQL database monitoring into centralized management of networks, systems and applications.
  • Security: Detect and alert security events like privilege changes, configuration changes or database layout changes.

Extent Monitoring

Are you looking for a powerful tool to monitor the performance and availability of MySQL databases in HP Operations Manager (HPOM)? Welcome to MySQL SPI for HPOM. This Smart Plug-in (SPI) adds extended capabilities to integrate the monitoring of MySQL databases into HPOM. MySQL SPI for HPOM publishes MySQL database performance, events, configuration and state directly into HPOM, giving you a common view across your MySQL databases.

Fully integrated

The Java based SPI can be installed on heterogeneous MySQL database server systems. It can be configured to monitor multiple MySQL database instances on each database server. The SPI integrates its built in intelligence with the HPOM Agent that is installed on the MySQL server. It uses the standard HP Operations integration mechanisms. The monitoring of remote MySQL database instances is possible, but offers a limited set of capabilities.

Metrics and Performance Data

Most of the provided metrics are aggregated or calculated based on multiple variables from the MySQL database and on monitoring intervals. The history data collection of performance metrics has an independent schedule interval from the threshold monitoring and can be disabled or enabled at any time. This allows the collection of performance statistics even during planned outage periods in which the thresholding and alarming is turned off.

The calculated and aggregated values are dynamically recalculated based on each customer’s specific scheduled monitoring interval. This allows the SPI to easily handle metrics representing states, counters, gauges and similar, while providing full flexibility for the configuration of the monitors.

Customize Monitoring

Customizable monitors can be used to track and measure critical steps of the business processes that involve the database as order entry rates, queue table lengths, etc. The collected information and metrics deliver the basis for comprehensive service quality evaluations and provides measures of the achieved Quality of Service.