Monitor MySQL within HPOM


  • Support for multiple versions of the MySQL database
  • Support of multiple MySQL database server instances running on the managed node
  • HPOM for Unix and HPOM for Windows support
  • Supports a wide range of platforms
  • Easy and fast deployment and configuration
  • Flexible and powerful collector engine
  • Calculation of average, peak, delta values
  • More than 50 raw and aggregated performance metrics available
  • Detection of suspicious configuration and runtime values
  • Detection of security relevant events
  • Status and resource monitoring
  • MySQL logfile monitoring
  • Performance data collection for data correlation, thresholding, trending, reporting
  • Configuration change monitoring with alerting, change tracking and comparison
  • Store performance data to structured file for flexible integration possibilities

Covered Areas

  • MySQL SPI for HPOM
  • MySQL database server status metrics
  • Database resource utilization
  • System resource utilization
  • Database KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Supporting database metrics for advanced correlations
  • Configuration sanity checks
  • Active replication monitoring to measure and alert on replication delays
  • RowCount monitor to track queue tables
  • Automatic detection and capture of long running queries Business
  • Process monitor to run any SQL statement and threshold on response time or returned value

Supported Platforms and Servers

HPOM Server:

  • HPOM Linux 9
  • HPOM Unix 8, 9 (DCE and HTTPS)
  • HPOM Windows 8, 9

MySQL Database:

  • MySQL Database 4.1
  • MySQL Database 5.0
  • MySQL Database 5.1
  • MySQL Database 5.5

Operating Systems on Managed Nodes:
(Versions as specified in the HPOM support matrix)

  • HP-UX
  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Oracle Solaris, OpenSolaris