boom Embedded IoT Monitoring

Monitor Anything Anywhere


  • Event sources:
    Combines end-to-end IT monitoring capabilities with the monitoring of devices and machines while these are in operation, and supports a broad range of event sources.
  • Processing data:
    The collected information is consolidated with traditional IT monitoring data.
  • Sensors:
    Record parameters such as voltage, humidity, water level, pressure, vibration, temperature, or others.
  • IoT edge devices:
    Monitor and collect data from IoT devices with standard IoT protocols like MQTT and others.
  • User-role model:
    Fully flexible filter-based user roles like node groups, message groups, granular rights concept for product areas.
  • Profile based monitoring:
    Define specific monitoring parameters for each site and country.
  • Integrated:
    Integration of facility and machine monitoring systems, using boom as an umbrella system.
  • Pro-active:
    Prevents problems as early as possible.
  • Optimizes operation:
    Reduces number of failures and repairs, of machine downtime and revenue losses while increasing plant safety, availability of machines and quality of processes.


boom EM is a stand-alone product.


As one of 5,000 submissions boom EM is listed as Best Of INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2014 (Innovation Award IT 2014). The official certificate can be downloaded here (Only available in German). For more information about the award please click on the image below.