MIDAS Add-ons

The MIDAS Product Family consists of a wide range of complementary software products, split into two groups: Core Products and Add-ons. The MIDAS Add-ons are:

  • MIDAS Synchronizer: Provides a ready-to-use functionality for replicating changes across multiple monitoring servers.
  • MIDAS Outage Manager: Simplifies the usage and management of outages within the IT enviroment.
  • MIDAS Debugger: Reduces the number of tools and actions required for testing policy modifications.
  • MIDAS Inventory: Enables rapid identification of new and changed systems to ensure up-to-date infrastructure information.
  • MIDAS Service Builder: Provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating, modifying and exporting service trees including severity testing.
  • API Toolkit: Extending access to APIs by supporting various additional programming languages.
  • MySQL SPI for HPOM: Integrates the monitoring of the performance and availability of MySQL databases in HPOM.
  • HPOM Admininistration UI: The graphical HPOM basic configuration editor is based on MIDAS technology and was developed by Worldline Germany GmbH.