Profound Know-how

We have many years of experience in the development and implementation of projects for companies of any size:

  • Unique globally expertise and advice in the monitoring of components in IT, production-oriented IT and production
  • Development of custom software from scratch or based on our own products, third-party solutions and Open Source Projects
  • Development, implementation and 24x7 operation of monitoring tools (plan, build, run) as an operational intelligence

Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Siemens are some of the largest companies for which we implemented projects so far.

Project Reference List

  • Variousintegration projectsfor morethan 15 years
    , build, run theIT monitoringforthe freezing ofAAAservicesof an internationallandline and mobilenetwork operator.A possiblefailure oravailabilitydeficitsdraw directfinancial lossesbyitself, for example,billing systems, call center systemsand applications, voicemail, bandwidth control,corporateVPN, PEPsystems, SMSand WAP

  • Identification ofsignificantsaving opportunitiesthroughappropriate use ofopen sourcetechnology
    Project management
    , facilitation of severalworkshops withinternal and external stakeholders, IS-detection state analysis, targetdefinitionin consultationwith management, evaluation, conceptual design /development ofpossible optimizationpotentialson the basisof an evaluation matrix, preparation and presentation of the resultsand expertiseat senior managementlevel

  • Easy conversionof Excelcontent incomplexIT monitoringrules
    managementof monitoring tools

  • Enrich generatednewsserviceexceptionswith additiveinformation(couplingCMDB)
    Increasing the
    granularityin the processing ofmessagesthrough various media(e-mail, SMS message)

  • Connection of thestandardHPOMmessage interfaceto an individualalarm software
    degree of customizationthroughunambiguous assignment of themessages generated

  • Processingthe serviceexceptionsgeneratedinHPOMin the CA product suite
    Coupling of different
    tools that arein usewithin the company

  • Processingthe serviceexceptionsgeneratedin Nagioswith HPOMas an umbrellaormeta
    use ofNagiosin test andQAenvironments, hierarchicalstructure of thetool environmentwithHPOMas a meta-tool

  • Individual developmentof the Health Care
    of standardizedsets of rules forthe assessment of individualmonitoring parameters

Project Reference List

  • Still-alivecheck of theconnectionmanagement servervs. managedobjects based onindividualizedTCP connections
    Ensure an advanced availability ofmanagement applications

  • Predictive Maintenance
    Evaluation by
    comparison of the acquireddata and eventsin the field withconfigurablepatterns, indicating multi-stageescalationchainsby logicallinks of the gathered conditions

  • Automatedregistration of newdevices in the field
    Fully automated
    , real-time detectionof new systemswithouterror-prone manualprocesses

  • Number ofintegrationprojects inHPOM(i), HPNNM and MIDAS
    Incident, problem
    , change management; creation,expansionand maintenance of theenterprise monitoring system tools; enterprise monitoringadministration(Solaris,Windows);supportenterprise monitoringoperating; creation and maintenance ofpoliciesfor monitoring; trainingenterprise monitoringadministrators forUnix shellscriptingon differentlevels; creating and maintaininguser documentation; creation of concepts; assisting the support;troubleshooting,diagnosticsand troubleshooting

  • Workflow-oriented implementationof standards
    , build and run onthe basis of individualacceptance procedure(test, QA, production) for audit policies

  • Implementation to monitor SAPABAP, JAVA anddouble-stacksystems
    use of a central toolfor theend2endmonitoringof central ITservices(clients, LAN/WAN, OS, databases, applications)

  • Trainingand individualprojectsfrom SMEstomultinational enterprises
    OM(i), IBM Tivoli, MIDAS, boom, MicrosoftSCOM, SAP, SAPSolution Manager, Linux, UNIX, OTRS, Lotus Notes, Nagios, Groudwork, Icingacheck_mk, openITCOCKPIT, Munin, MRTG,VMWare, MS Hyper-V,OracleGrid Control, requirements engineering, multi-project management