boom Information

NOTE: The software product boom is available for download without associated costs. It comprises an LTU explicitly only for evaluation purposes.
This evaluation license allows to install and operate the boom software and the connection of up to 10 boom agents at 1 boom server.
Productive usage is explicitly prohibited!

boom Documentation and Software for the boom 5.10.0 Release can be found here:

boom - server - V.5.10.0

This archive contains the boom 5.10.0 server installer checksum for boom - (9d755d295d0a13e6b86d93ac9f1b9c0ae546aacf868257b5f1f747e99510871e)
Software download checksum guide This document describes the checksum procedure for the boom software
and boom installer download.
boom powered by Worldline - release notes - V.5.10.0 Release Notes of the boom 5.10.0 software
boom powered by Worldline - user manual - EN - V.5.10.0 This document aims at guiding boom users through the boom concepts,
installation process and GUI.
It as well provides guidance regarding configuration along the descriptions.